Selecting a Storage Unit Size

Published on 2/6/2021
So, you find that you have extra things to store and must select a self-storage facility, and an appropriate size unit.  We can help!

When it comes to selecting a unit, most people have trouble estimating the space required, which makes choosing the right size storage unit a challenge. 

Below is a method that may work for you:

A. Gather the items you intend to store in the unit and stack/or pile them similar to what you'd expect in a storage unit.  Storage units at BunkerBox Storage are rectangular shaped and follow relatively consistent sizes, such as 5x10, 8x10, 10x20, etc.  If items are packed into boxes, that will make for estimating the storage unit size much easier.

B. Measure the stack/pile.  Keep in mind, our storage units are 8 feet high.  It may be helpful to use painters tape or some other method or material to outline the unit size you plan to select. It also may be helpful to make an outline against a wall to emulate the proper height.

C. Once you determine how much space you need, select an appropriate size unit and lock in a reservation!