What Not to Store!

Items to Avoid Storing in Your Unit

It is important to think about what might be prohibited from being placed in your storage unit. State, Federal, and Local laws , as well as common sense, should be taken into consideration when storing your items in your unit..   These rules and regulations have developed over time for the protection of yourself, your possessions, storage facility, and it's staff, and other customers and their goods. 

In order to fully understand what is allowed, and what is not, take time to read your read your Rental Agreement.  Upon signing your Agreement, you will be acknowledging that you comprehend and accept the rules and limitations for what items can't be stored at BunkerBox Storage.

A couple of areas are very simple.  Any item or material that is considered hazardous,  or anything that can be considered alive will not be permitted.  

Next, if an item is inherently unsafe, then it is not eligible to be stored at our self storage facility.  This would include hazardous, combustible, and toxic materials & chemicals.

It is a good practice to make and keep an inventory handy of the products you wish keep in your storage unit.  If any or the items or materials that you plan to keep at the facility seem questionable, contact us via the website or call center to review with the storage office staff to make sure you'll be in complete compliance with the list of allowable items. 

Small vehicle storage is very common at self storage facilities. If you plan to store a small vehicle, such as a motorcyle, take notice that  that your vehicle must maintain current registration, proper insurance, and be in functioning order. To store your vehicle(s), you will need to provide BunkerBox Storage with a copy of the current registration and insurance in your name. Make sure that you have the vehicle prepared properly before you put it in long storage - dirt, dust, and grime can deteriorate paint, wiring, rubber, and more.  It is a good idea to drain the fuel as well as our hot summers will cause the fuel to evaporate quickly and clog your fuel system.  
If you are in the professions such as a sales representative, a trainer, or similar career, a self storage unit a can provide a hassle-free location to store and manage work related items such as samples, industrial products, medical supplies and pharmaceuticals. Again, just remember to follow the rules.  For professionals, storage units are a great solution for keeping products organized and easily accessible without taking up space at your office, home, or the trunk of your car.  

Many contractors take advantage of the rental of a storage unit.   Self-storage is the perfect solution for storing your equipment (particularly large items). Our storage units offer the hassle-free ability to pick up or drop off your equipment as you go to, and from, your daily job sites, or projects!  

Crime doesn't pay when it comes to storing items.  Stolen items or illegal paraphernalia are absolutely not allowed.  

Storage units must be used for storage of permissible items only and cannot be used for other purposes such as band practice, offices, conducting business, sleeping, or parties.

The use of the facility's electrical outlets cannot be used to run refrigerators, generators, space heaters, freezers, or for the purpose of living in the storage unit, or other personal uses.  Any of these activities are cause for immediate eviction.

So, the bottom line is that, if you have any question about the items you wish to place in the units at our storage complex, always take the conservative route and ask our staff for approval. 

We hope that providing these storage tips will provide the helpful hints that will make your storage experience a positive experience. 

DO NOT STORE - A quick Reference!

  • Animals or plants -- alive or dead
  • Gasoline (unless in a vehicle)
  • Propane tanks
  • Compressed gas
  • Kerosene
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Acids
  • Corrosives
  • Fertilizers
  • Paint
  • Cleaners
  • Chemicals
  • Illicit drugs and medications
  • Dangerous, toxic or biological waste
  • Asbestos products 
  • Fireworks
  • Dynamite
  • Weapons or ammunition
  • Radioactive devices, or anything that contains radioactive materials cannot be placed in a storage unit
  • Sales/Medical/Pharmaceutical Materials & Devices Need Special Consideration Before Being Put Into Self Storage
  • Food and animal products (such as grains, produce or meats)

Items That Need Special Consideration Prior to Storage Prohibited from Storage

  • Cars, trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, personal water craft, and boats
  • Construction materials and equipment