Retirement Downsizing Made Simple - With a Storage Unit!

Published on 12/13/2021
The kids are all grown and have moved out.  You have, or are, transitioning from your work or career to retirement. Now the old house seems too big and too expensive to keep up, or the house is simply too small and you need to create more room for a home based retirement business, new hobbies, etc.. Re-organizing or downsizing seem like a great options, but what's the most efficient way to proceed? A storage unit can ease the process by providing a safe place to put your treasures while you re-organize, or use space for other activities, until you decide what to do with them.

Why Save Your Old Things?

Storing items instead of throwing them out or donating them can be emotional, or economically practical. You spent your life using certain pieces of furniture, enjoying your collectibles, and keeping sentimental or valuable heirlooms safe. You could feel good about passing them on to the younger generation in your family, but your children may be scattered, have small homes of their own, or have no time to sort through the belongings. Consider putting things in an affordable mini-storage unit to take advantage of extra space until you can work together to decide who gets what.

Another reason to use a mini-self-storage unit is due to the changing value of the things you own. Safely storing collectibles, furniture pieces, or other items for a while may give you the chance to sell them for more down the road.

Storage Options to Make Moving Easy

As long as you have someone to pack, organize, and transport the goods, a storage unit, or units, may make for an excellent choice to keeping your belongings safe while you downsize or re-organize your retirement home. At BunkerBox Storage, you can choose from multiple sizes to suit your needs and budget. 

The benefits you get from convenient and secure local self storage units when you optimize or downsize your living space are many. Throwing out or donating personal belongings is an emotional process. Eliminate your stress when retiring, or moving to a new home by storing furniture, collectibles, heirlooms, and more.  Using self storage lets you take your time and make the best decisions at the right time.